The Data Analysis unit applies proven state of the art bioinformatics solutions to generate meaningful results for CNAG-CRG's collaborators and projects while providing personalized consulting and support.


The unit implements internally and externally developed programs and pipelines to cover CNAG-CRG's analysis needs. Two of the main goals are to apply cutting-edge methods and to deliver results that can be easily manipulated and understood. Working closely with the other CNAG-CRG bioinformatics teams and collaborators ensures that improvements are continuously added into the analysis pipelines.


Variant calling and annotation are among the most common analyses performed by the unit. The goals of the study, together with the chosen experimental design, determine the methods that can be applied to detect, annotate and filter germline or somatic variations. In addition to carrying out the analysis, the unit provides personalized support and assists with the interpretation and manipulation of results.

Sergi Beltran

Head of the Bioinformatics Unit

Gemma Bullich

Data Analyst

Ricky S. Joshi

Steven Laurie

Data Analyst

Cristina Luengo

Software Engineer

Leslie Matalonga

Clincal Genomics Specialist

Genís Parra

Data Analyst

Daniel Picó

Software Engineer

Davide Piscia

Software Engineer

Raúl Tonda

Data Analyst

Jean-Rémi Trotta

Bioinformatics Technician

Anastasios Papakonstantinou

Software Engineer
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